Jack and Kristy-9065Do you see stories? I know it sound like a bit of a funny question but I do. It may come from a lot of people-watching in airports or public places. One of the things I do is sit and watch folks and try to figure out their story. In a lot of cases if it isn’t obvious, I will make one up to go along with the way they look, walk, stand etc. It’s an exercise in imagination. Sometimes the really interesting things are the stories that should have been instead of the ones that were. If it isn’t there, make it there. If it is there, tell that one, but tell a story that is worth listening to.


More ideas and truths are expressed in fiction than ever in non-fiction. Fiction doesn’t have facts to get in the way of truth.

As usual I am on another ramble that will only make sense to a few, the point I am attempting to make is to see stories in everything around you. See the story that went into the shopkeeper’s job and life, the story that went into making the hot rod at the car show, the story that walks with the elderly at the supermarket and so on. See the story that happens when you combine things that don’t look like they fit together, see the story in the sunset and the gardens you photograph. Seeing these stories will add meaning to the images you make and help you to see even more. See past what the world hands you!

If the world won’t provide the images to tell a story you have, bring the parts together and tell the story yourself. Beg or buy the parts, beg or borrow friends to stand in, beg, borrow or buy the props, and make it all real. It’s your story and your idea and your truth, tell it in your way.

For the record, the above was kind of how the image here came about. Random additions to what we were doing and it makes an implied story or even a story that you can interpret any way you want, the point being it became more than just a model photo.

This article was because it might be time to share some of the thoughts I normally reserve for Sabrina and Mark.

The making public of some of these thoughts might begin to make the whole TV in the woods story seem like that was sane but there you have it. Ideas are free and each of us has an unlimited supply, all it takes is unlocking the imagination within. I take an hour or so each day to lay on the couch and daydream ideas to photograph, the real ‘What if‘ with no constraints of budget or “oh I can’t do that because….“. If the idea works well enough then it is time for the “let’s figure out how to make it happen”. If it is good enough and you are passionate enough, there will be a way to get the image. Just use your imagination, it’s free.