Book – I Have a Name

This book is a collection of photographs made over the course of several years at The Boiler Room, a non-profit youth-oriented community space that has become many things to many people, a coffeehouse, an art gallery, a job-training center, a place to feed the soul musically and with soup. Most of all to those who have spent any time at the Boiler Room, it is a haven, a place to belong and to call Home.

Youth centers come and go, some lasting only a couple of years. Why then does the Boiler Room still exist today after almost 25 years? In the spring of 2012, Raymond Ketcham’s curiosity about this question drove him to approach the Board for permission to photograph there. What he found was real change in this world starts locally and in the hands of those invested in their own community.

The photographs in this book are a mix of documentary and formal portraits, each one revealing a little of the journey to know oneself. They are accompanied by an insightful and heartfelt essay by John MacPherson, photographer, writer and social worker. The introduction was written by Jordan Hyman, aspiring writer and Boiler Room patron.

Photographs by Raymond Ketcham

Essay by John MacPherson

Introduction by Jordan Hyman

Published by Rear Curtain and through the generosity of the Northwind Arts Center


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