3 by 3

3 by 3 is a short story shot in Reno in the old downtown area, 3 blocks by 3 blocks in 3 nights – inside and outside

from the book 

The city I knew as a child is fading away.

The vibrance and excitement of guilty pleasure is gone.

Lights and people are replaced by empty streets with broken signs.

I feel no particular attachment to what it was or is now.

The struggle to maintain some of the illusion is facinating.

There is a sense of desperation and emptyness.

The silence is the same inside and outside.

Even the brightest lights feel dim.

Everything inside feels forced.

Everything outside feels resigned.

Nothing will be missed when it is gone.

My childhood reasons for coming here are not missed.

My adult reasons for being here are not important.

Fading as memories do.


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