Things Change – part two

Things Change – Part Two

A little more personal than normal for me.

Probably the most frightening words in our language are “You have cancer” and coming on the heels of the year before, it was even more of a slam.

For the past year I have been fighting a Stage 3 cancer in the middle of a pandemic no less. The saying “the cure is worse than the problem” I am sure came from a chemo patient. As bad as the type of chemo I received was, the real pain and struggle was on those who care for me. My fight had a physical component so I knew I was doing something in the suffering.

The real fight for any cancer patient is in those that care for them. If you want to support someone in a cancer fight, look to those that surround them and give them all you can, the ones who care and love and are so helpless in what they can do. These are the true victims of cancer or for that matter, any disease. The brave are not those in the arena but those that are supporting those in there.

All that said these photos are of the first 8 hour chemo session and the uncertainty that went along with anticipation, worry, fear and ignorance. I smile when I say it got a lot worse, because it did.

For now all is good and I have been told it all looks pretty good, I will be around to see another summer and make a bit more of the “stuff” I have been making for 52 years.
I have to add that the hardest part of all this was realizing I am not 35 years old anymore (double that ). But I am gonna go out making the “stuff” I want to make and in the way I want to make it. Along with caring for those who have stood with me through this and more.


David Roston

So glad you are doing well, your always on my mind. Love you bro!!

Maureen Murphy

My first thought was oh sh*t. My second one was to appreciate the photos that followed the words. I learned a new phrase ‘I heard with my eyes ‘ Thank you Ray.

Kenneth Udle

You have had to endure more than most of us Ray. I don’t know that I’d be as strong in your situation. I’m so happy that you are in a happier place now and I pray you continue to get stronger as the days go bye. We should arrange to chat at the beginning of May. Keep taking pictures…sincerely Ken

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