Tiny Dinosaurs

I have a job now and then, taking care of chickens. It comes with a lot a free eggs.

I have to admit I am not a fan of chickens for the most part (or goats – in any way shape or form). I did spend a great deal of my formative years on a ranch and never have thought of chickens as “pets” however I am learning more about them and the personalities the exhibit through my friends and the things they see. I do have to admit they are very pretty with some of the variations in color and feathers etc.

Still they are chickens. I am dying to add chicken arms to all of them to see them look like tiny dinosaurs, at least when I am watching them just to make it a little interesting.
After finding these, I am spending time wondering what I could add to goats to get even for the upholstery they have eaten over the years.

So how do most of you feel about “chickens”?

Next up is a long rant/opinion on NFT art and the current trend of folks with more money than sense.


Kenneth Udle

Chickens are tasty.
It is a little surprising to read you positive thoughts on them.
I’m looking forward to the Rant, I think.

Growing up we used to have chickens in our backyard. I thought everyone did. Now I live in the city where special bylaws needed to be passed to let people keep chickens. Somewhere in that time, they moved from being food to pets. Chicken is now what I buy from the grocery store and chickens (Tony’s in particular) are entertainment and our egg supplier.

yeah —- I am not sure how i feel about Chickens – at least they aren’t goats. Anyone who knows me would be shocked I used to care for Tony’s goats when he was gone and they still were alive when he returned.

Mary Ellen Frank

I loved my 4H chickens and spent time with them and confided my deepest worries to them… some were so consoling and encouraging…

I find myself having quite the conversations with the ladies also and a little different conversation while trying to round up the young chicks to put inside each evening

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